A printed + bound homage to simplicity and the power of potential.


Shiro (白)—also known as "white."

print | visual design

An image book that depicts the various ways plain paper can be manipulated to create complex, meaningful pieces of art. An homage to simplicity and the power of potential.


The potential of paper.

This concept of complexity within simplicity also influenced the way the book was printed and bound: in modest, traditional Japanese stab-binding.

I followed the traditional Japanese stab-binding method, a technique that utilizes string weaved through small holes alongside the edge + thin, translucent paper folded to create a single page. All images were printed on one side of these pages, while the text was printed on the other, so that when the page is folded, these two elements overlap to form a subtly-layered composition.

Spreads: digital form

Peek into the process.