Visual | Personal Identität


Visualizing Self-Identity.


The first project in one of two studio classes during my study abroad in Switzerland, which was a self portrait—"personal identität."  Having had done a self portrait previously about a physical characteristic, I focused the "second chance" on exploring a more emotional, intangible side of myself.

No smooth sailing.

As humans go through life, it is the experiences and lessons taken away from them that mold us into who we represent as people. While we presently don't know who our "true selves" are, these self-revelations are what help to create a general path that leads us to this unknown destination.

Done in standard F4 Swiss poster size, I created a timeline of moments that have had a conscious impact on who I am and growing up to become, starting from my middle school years—the earliest memory I have of a thought consciously influencing my mindset. The timeline is not a linear one, for an emotional journey (similar to the movement of a paper airplane) does not always advance in the direction it is expected to go.