hey hi hello! My name's Yoon-ji (or Zii, for short).

I believe in holistic design and love getting my hands in everything—whether it's getting into the thick of service blueprints and asking all the “how”s and “why”s, wireframing an experience end-to-end, or drawing out visual elements. This belief allows me to be a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, always learning and growing.

on the daily :: 
I live in *~da Bay~*, but (proudly) hail from Detroit and am (even more proudly) Korean by blood. I find value in things like hoarding memorabilia and shooting photos. I doodle sometimes, too. 👉

recent events :: 
I used to be a service designer for UCSF's Clinical Innovation Center, where I was tasked to create impactful, holistic experiences for both the clinical staff + patient. Got to launch some initiatives like a web-based mindfulness program and a new spine service.


let's get to know each other.

Drop me a line (I don't bite)—or feel free to peek at my resume if you're feeling ninja!